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Welcome to eStage!  - Your Stage. Your Voice. Your Business. We have installed the demo data and settings for you so you can get started with your eStage right away!

Nothing Beats Attending a Live Event

Working online on your business can get pretty lonely. It's not like a job where you see people everyday. You get into a habit of being in front of the keyboard and working away. With the recent live video feature, Facebook live at least you can connect with your leads...right? Video is 'the now' and many businesses are turning to this powerful communication tool. Gone are the days of sending a plain text email only, you need to add video, put a name to your business! In my opinion nothing beats a live event. A live marketing/networking, or educational event or…

5 Ways to Overcome Obstacles and Become Unstoppable

In life we face daily challenges. There are times when we feel frustrated, worn out and just wanting to give up. It's at this point we need to carry on and overcome any obstacles we face. I like to read personal development books and one of my favorite authors and life coach is Bob Proctor. I highly recommend you read his book called "You were born rich".  Reading is one of the best ways to stimulate and exercise your mind. It's from reading and constant learning that you continue to develop as a person. The following are 5 ways to overcome…

Project Breakthrough Review – Worth Signing Up For Free?

As you research online for reviews on project breakthrough, your main question like most others is, will this work for me and is this program legit? This review will answer all the questions you have and allow you to make an informed decision whether or not to sign up. Personally, I have not come across any free training program that is so in depth. Most if not all courses like this come at a cost. So straight away there's no barrier for anyone wanting to start the training. It's a 14 day step by step training program that literally takes you…