Four Percent Challenge Review – I’m Doing it Right Now!

Four Percent Challenge Review – I’m Doing it Right Now!

Welcome to my Four percent challenge review. My aim is to let you know exactly what this program is all about.

(In a hurry?…For a LIMITED TIME you can access the challenge for $1 Trial. Here’s the OFFICIAL SITE).

First of all as the title states, I’m actually a member going through the program. That’s important for you as I should be able to help you understand it better?

Now I don’t know what reviews you have already read online but my intention for this post is to tell you like it is. Ready to read some more?…..Let’s get into it.

What Exactly is The Challenge?

To put it simply….the purpose is to change lives and create successful entrepreneurs. You could be doing affiliate marketing, network marketing or be running an e-commerce store, whatever the business model online or offline, the challenge aims to help you become a successful independent entrepreneur. It’s fast becoming the number one rated Entrepreneur – Success Training Program. It’s designed to help you create the breakthrough in your business, succeed in marketing, results, your income and life. Sounds like a handful? Don’t worry it’s not. 

4% Challenge has been divided into three levels, $10k, $100k and $1Million.

Everyone starts on the $0-$10k before moving up a level. At the $10k level there are 60 daily step by step over the shoulder video training sessions done by Vick Strizheus (an 8 figure a year Internet marketer, who made his name as the “Traffic King”). What Vick does is literally talk to you daily through videos and show you ‘the actions’ you need to take in order to succeed in your business. He becomes your coach and mentor.

At the $10K level you start from scratch and learn how to activate your inner success mechanism. How do you reprogram yourself for success? You will learn how to strategically select products to promote if you’re not looking to create one just yet. You will gain core marketing skills, lead generation, how to start generating multiple streams of income and develop your real estate online. Everything is laid out step by step and easy to follow.

At the $100k level you will already be in a position to be earning $10K per month or more. At this level you are taught how to position yourself in the marketplace. How do you really influence and persuade others (with good intentions of course). You will learn how to strategically align yourself with other promotional products that compliment your core marketing message. How do you set out to do mass promotions and eventually dominate your market – it’s all there.

By the time you reach the $1M level you are literally creating your own economy. You will be in a position to create your own infrastructure where people are paying you on autopilot. At this level you will have become someone who can move the market due to your following. You are now in a position to lead and persuade many. How do you become that trusted figure and authority? You will learn from Vick Strizheus as he is doing this right now as we speak.

So What Do I Get Inside Each Session?

To start with you will learn about mindset, having clear goals and setting yourself up for success. This program talks a lot about foundation and how you need the right mindset for success in any business model. Of course you will also learn a lot about online marketing, traffic generation, list building and standing out in the marketplace.

“I believe the strategies you will learn in the challenge will set you apart in your market” ~AR RIZVI

Look I know I sound biased but listen I’m just telling you how I feel about the challenge. I hope you don’t mind!

For Example, I’m Struggling as a Clickbank Affiliate Marketer?

How will this help me? 

By applying the training you will learn how to stand out from your competition. Having done affiliate marketing myself promoting various products in the past, I know how difficult it can be to get yourself heard in a busy, noisy and competitive market. You will learn how to market any clickbank offer by creating your own marketing system, getting the right traffic and converting your leads.

The marketing knowledge and strategies in the four percent challenge I believe will help you generate the results you want.

Is The Four Percent Challenge for Beginners?

In one word – Yes. Every day you have Vick coaching you step by step on how to succeed as an online marketer and ultimately your business. The biggest problem beginners face when starting online is where to start, whom to listen to? There’s like a fire hose of information online. (Go to youtube and type something like “affiliate marketing for beginners”….let me know how confused you get ;-)).

I remember when I started online years back, I ended up joining Wealthy affiliate. At the time, I found the platform useful but for me personally I had no sense of direction, no real goals.

The challenge lays out a clear path daily. It’s nickname is the ‘success pill’….take one pill a day like your vitamins for success….:-).

As a beginner you will know exactly what to do on a daily basis. The learning and action steps in the challenge are geared towards getting you results.

Take a look at real people just like you, going through the challenge. 

Four percent challenge is for anyone looking to increase their incomes by changing themselves and how they run their business. The idea is to help people create the ‘Good Life’. I have seen people from all walks of life taking the challenge and seeing positive changes happening for them. I have yet to come across a single person who hasn’t benefited from it. Success stories and transformations are happening daily, I should know I read posts in the private facebook group :-). From a business marketing perspective sales, conversions and revenue models are all covered.

It’s geared towards making you a complete successful entrepreneur.

Let’s Take a Look ‘Under The Hood’

If you decide to take the challenge you will need to go over some simple steps.

Create an Account – At the time of writing you can take a 7 day trial for $1. This allows you to become a Pro-Level member. After the trial ends, to continue with the challenge you will need to pay $49 per month or you can get lifetime membership at $497. Please note the cost I am quoting is correct at the time of writing, they are likely to increase in future.

Login and Activate Challenge –  Before starting you must activate the program. Once activated you will have access to the entire sessions provided you continue with the membership.

Take the Daily Sessions –  Every single day you will have access to one session video. The videos are structured in a way that doesn’t confuse you. My 11 year old son has seen the challenge and says it’s really easy to follow 🙂

Just Complete the Session – That’s all there is to it. You don’t have to worry about anything else. Everything is laid out for anyone no matter what level of experience you have.


 So What Makes This So Different to Other Programs?

Usually when you buy an online marketing course, attend conferences and events you start off motivated to succeed. You are upbeat about the future thinking yes i will succeed. Later down the road another program comes along, something more trendy and you think yes let me get that too. Over time you end up listening to various marketing guru’s only to be left feeling confused, frustrated and overwhelmed. You end up spending money you don’t have thinking this must be the one, this course will help me breakthrough? Sounds familiar? It’s happened to me plenty of times before!

With the four percent challenge your way of thinking is literally re-wired. You are conditioned to think like an entrepreneur from the very beginning of the coaching. Vick makes sure you understand that in order to succeed you will need to change your thoughts.

The layout of the sessions is straight forward. Every day you take a success pill i.e. a session and complete that particular day’s challenge. The four percent challenge simplifies the process for any level entrepreneur wanting to succeed online.

“For a person to go from $1500 to $15,000 a month, there needs to be a paradigm change, The person has to change to become worthy of this new income” ~ Vick Strizheus

Here’s a video I want to share with you I did back in January 2018 when I started the challenge. Go check it out below, I talk in more detail about the challenge.

Four Percent Challenge Review: My Results

Here are some screenshots of my earnings as I go through the challenge. Just as an income disclaimer, I am not guaranteeing ANY earnings here for you. What you do with the information and coaching I cannot say.

Currently on the top 100 leader board out of nearly 200,000.

Yes But I Don’t Have Any Products to Promote?

If that’s the case you can become a promotional partner (cost $19/month) with the four percent group and start earning income by promoting world class online products. I say they are world class because I own them and have been through them and I personally have not seen products like this online anywhere. There are many promotional partner who have seen their very first breakthrough’s online and others are earning full time incomes.

There is also a 30-day 100% money back guarantee which gives you a peace of mind should this not be for you. The four percent group support team are very easy to deal with. Whenever I have needed help my queries were answered within hours max. They also have a live chat which is pretty cool.

Hopefully, I have provided you with a thorough four percent challenge review, let’s focus on the pros and cons.

PROS of taking the Challenge?

Hands down the easiest most simple way for a beginner to succeed online

Clear pathway to achieving your goals

Every day you follow the session and complete the tasks

For any entrepreneur whether they have an online or offline “traditional brick and mortar business”.

Boost your confidence and your income

The best entrepreneur success training program out there

You become an INDEPENDENT entrepreneur never to rely on one company, product, traffic source etc

At the time of writing, if you take the challenge the cost of membership is $49/month (you become a charter member), which will later increase to to $249/month in future

You will be able join the Four Percent Facebook group which provides tons of help from fellow entrepreneurs

As mentioned before there’s a 30-Day 100% money back guarantee

CONS of the Challenge?

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme!

You will need to invest TIME and money into this as you are building yourself as an entrepreneur

You need to be online, videos are only available online

If you are on your last dime, the challenge is not for you (not really a con, but just telling you how it is!)


You can start the challenge right now for $1 trial for 7 days. If after 7 days you feel it’s not for you, simply cancel your membership no questions asked. If you wish to continue your challenge the cost is $49. This is a current offer from Vick to become a charter member. The regular price as mentioned before per month is $249. If you are serious about taking the challenge this is definitely the right time to start as you are getting a massive 80% discount. The charter member discount may end soon, so take advantage of it now.

My Final Thoughts – Is The Four Percent Challenge Legit?

First of all you read this far! Congratulations :-).

In my opinion…YES! As I go through the challenge myself I am amazed by the quality of mentor-ship. Vick does an amazing job in coaching you and teaching you how to become a successful independent entrepreneur. Everyone comes online to make money and what the challenge does is take you by the hand and steer you towards providing value in your marketplace. Once you provide value and become irreplaceable in your market, it’s game over – money will just follow naturally. “Your income will be in direct proportion to the value you bring to the marketplace”. 

How to build a proper online business, it’s all covered inside the program. There are literally thousands of success stories from people who have taken the challenge. The reason for this is quite simple, it works! I’ve shared with you some of my initial results above.

If you are struggling in your online business, give this a try. If you are already running a business and want to learn new strategies for even further growth, give it a shot. The challenge has the potential to change your life…..only if you are ready to commit 100%.

Ready to start?….

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