Four Percent Group Review – A Mastermind by Vick Strizheus?

Four Percent Group

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Why call it the 4% group and not the 5% or 10% group or something…i hear you laugh?

Vick Strizheus (founder of the Four Percent Group) refers to his members 4%ers (four percenter)? Whatever the heck  does that mean, I hear you say? Read on, all will be explained. In this review you’ll learn everything you need to know about the four percent group and more.

Have you ever wondered why some people are so successful whilst the majority aren’t? Whether it’s in business, sports, health or wealth there are always some who rise to the top of their game whilst others struggle. There are some who distinguish themselves from the masses and work towards their goals no matter what. We know that those born into poverty or hardship can also be successful – there’s really no excuse.

So what is it that can make, for example a homeless orphan rise to the top whereas someone born into more comfort never really achieve a thing?

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How The Name Four Percent Group Came About….

From time to time you will hear the 80/20 rule i.e. the Pareto principle. The 80-20 rule is a rule of thumb that states that 80% of outcomes can be attributed to 20% of the causes for a given event. Here’s where it gets interesting. We can take the 80/20 rule and apply it to life in general. You see when people are faced with an idea or action taking task they generally fall into 2 categories. 80% of people dismiss things for various reasons, they follow the masses. 20% of people listen to the idea and do a lot of work but have little results to show. Why? They are focusing on 98% of activities that generate only 2% of the results.

So within this 20% of action takers, there’s a small 4% who not only take action, but do things strategically and smart. “Don’t just work hard, work smart i.e. do 2% of activities that generate 98% of results – make sense?

A four percent person is someone who acts on their goals. They have a clear vision for success and they follow that to the very end. Giving up is not an option. They don’t complain, they seek knowledge, they share value, they lead with integrity, they always take action and the list of attributes go on.

If you look at any area of life, you will see only a few 4%er’s.

Look at successful entrepreneurs for the last 40-50 years. Steve Jobs (Apple), Bill Gates (Microsoft) or Richard Branson (Virgin) just to name a few. Not only did they take action on their vision, they thought deeply about their market and asked the question why? not just what product or service to sell. Any successful entrepreneur whether they build large brands or promote other products or services will tell you having a system for success is crucial.

Become an Online Entrepreneur With The Four Percent Group

Many people that jump online with the hope of instant riches find themselves disappointed and at times out of pocket with the number of training courses they purchase from one “internet guru” to another. Creating an income and ultimately a business online is no different to the physical world – it requires work, time and investment. If anyone tells you otherwise, run a mile. There’s no magic button that will suddenly make you wealthy. I think you know this already….right?

But having a system in place that you can leverage does exist, you just need to find it. A system you can rely on to help you scale and grow your business. A system designed to take the human component out as much as possible. An online system that you know will deliver results.

People have dreams and aspirations to do many things in life. Unfortunately the lack of money in the bank account pushes them to quash their hopes and join the rat race called the dreaded three letter word. They never really pursue their dreams. They sit every morning in traffic or come home after work too tired to even think…. there’s more to life than this?

The 4% of people that are making a good living online who are earning monthly what they would normally earn in a few months working in a job recognized “systems work, people fail”. They take action daily and use systems to automate and grow their business. If financial worry is a thing of the past, how would you feel? Speaking to many people, the answer is a unanimous – the ability to be free, freedom to pursue what you are passionate about. Whether it’s philanthropy, becoming an author or getting into politics, the world is your oyster. It all starts from financial freedom.

Being 4% of the population means you are successful. You want control of your life, you want the freedom that life has to offer. You believe in “working smarter, not just harder”. You believe in helping others succeed. You consider yourself a leader, a leader of self before leading others. Everything must start from your mindset and therefore self image. You can only recognize an opportunity when you actually know it exists….right?

Four Percent Group Review

“Systems Work, People Fail”!

There, I said it once again. Even if people are given a perfectly working system, they always somehow find ways to fail. But I’m sure you aren’t like most people. If you have read this far, you probably consider yourself to be a four percent type of person?

I want you to think about the questions below in terms of your online business. If you have been struggling to succeed online promoting products and services as an affiliate consider this:

  • Do you send traffic to an offer directly? – Hope not!
  • Do you know or have you ever used a sales funnel when promoting any product?
  • What sort of products, services do you promote and why?
  • Do you have multiple streams of income, MSI’s or just one?
  • How do you drive traffic? Do you measure your conversions and are on top of your numbers?
  • Is your traffic targeted to the offer you are promoting?
  • Do you embrace competition when promoting an offer or fear it?

There are many people online that simply don’t understand why their results are so poor. They work their “tail off” and still find themselves struggling to succeed.

But what if there is a way for you to tap into a highly successful marketing system that promotes selected products that are highly sought after in the marketplace and convert? What if you could for example, promote quality high ticket products effectively and earn commissions ranging from $4k-$16k per sale?  What if you can follow a systematic path to success using a highly successful system and leveraging it to build your own success online? Creating wealth online with the right system in place is crucial especially in today’s digital commerce world.

Introducing the 4% Group, Four Percent Group

The market place in my opinion does not need any more information course, e-book or some sort of guide. There’s plenty of those online. What it does need is people getting Results. This is exactly what the 4% group is about……

If you are serious about working for yourself online, quitting your job, primarily promoting products and services as an affiliate then the 4% group may be the perfect fit.  It’s a group designed for online financial breakthrough’s, helping create the next online entrepreneur. But before I move forward let me tell you what it’s not. No get rich quick scheme and it’s a real business promoting real products that provide value to the marketplace. If you decide to join the 4% group, you will read all the terms and conditions in the pledge. The group is not for everyone.

The 4% group is focused on taking aspiring online entrepreneurs, professionals who struggle to make money online and turn them into the successful 4% who do. Help them eventually become leaders, the real movers and shakers of the industry. This group was created by Vick Strizheus a very successful online entrepreneur with over 12 years industry experience. His aim is to help as many people succeed online and become financially independent.

Four percent group is a marketing and training center for online entrepreneurs focused on getting results. This is not a system or business opportunity, instead a platform to build your own profitable MSI’s (multiple streams of income) promoting products, live events and business tools just to name a few.


The whole idea behind the Four Percent Group is providing a platform for success. Those that wish to join will receive the following benefits:

  • arguably the best marketing and training center for affiliates
  • multiple sales funnels, training’s and affiliate opportunities
  • sales funnels will target a variety of professions and industries for example, consultancies, insurance, real estate, online marketing, health, personal development and more.
  • have access to the weekly live journey interviews with different members who talk about how they made it online, the struggles they faced and how they overcame them.
  • operation 100K – watch how a new person to online marketing builds their business in 90 days with a target to earn… guessed it $100K. This is basically a blueprint on how to go from $0-$100k in 90 days.
  • allow you to establish solid financial grounds
  • become a truly independent online entrepreneur
  • learn how to get RESULTS fast. People in Four Percent Group are already doing this.
  • instead of competing, dominate and impact the marketplace
  • become a true leader of your marketplace

Do you want to take a look inside the group? Here’s a video review I created that walks you through the whole system. As i am an actual member i walk you through the entire back office.

When you join there’s also access to a private Facebook page that provides a lot of value in my opinion.

Vick Strizheus


Who Own’s The Four Percent Group?

Vick Strizheus also known as the ‘king of online traffic’. Starting from humble beginnings he has gone onto generate millions of dollars online. He is a specialist in traffic, conversions and strategic marketing funnels. He’s also the founder of High Traffic Academy (HTA). He has made it his mission to build the four percent group as the go to place for people looking to get results online. He openly talks about there being too much theory and complexity online for anyone looking to make money on the internet or build their home based business. His vision with this group is all about results and simplicity.


  • Is Vick Strizheus legit? I just went on google and found some past history? Yes he is. He regrets his past mistake and has long moved on. So much so, he has helped other entrepreneurs become 6, 7 figure earners. In my opinion he is as transparent as clear glass. Results speak for themselves, there are nearly 8000 people in the group at the time of writing! Why would anybody want to be part of a membership group that gives them zero results and is supposedly some sort of scam?
  • How much does the membership cost? At the time of writing $49 per month or $2497 lifetime membership. There is one time lifetime member offer of $497 which may become an annual offer. Recently there is a free membership available, message me for more details.
  • Is this four percent group all about promoting Tecademics (formerly know as Internet marketing college)? NO. This group has multiple products to promote with done for you sales funnels. I will write a post about Tecademics soon.
  • Can I really start earning money? That really depends on you and how much action you take. This is not a get rich quick scheme or any other scheme for that matter. Read the pledge properly before you join to see whether you are a right fit for the group. 4% group are not desperate for signups.
  • I am new to making money online, is this for me? Doesn’t matter how experienced you are online, what matters more is your commitment to succeed for yourself. 
  • Is there a guarantee I will become a millionaire? There’s no guarantee I’ll be alive tomorrow. In business and life in general there’s never any guarantee. Anybody that tells you otherwise is flat out telling lies.
  • Is this all a scam? Let’s put it this way. The group has just launched within the last 5 months of writing this post. This required development, legal input and many other business decisions. As a member you will be promoting real high quality products that have a demand in the marketplace using systems that allow you to dominate over your competition. Any products promoted within the group are carefully selected based on it’s value first, demand in the marketplace and finally the compensation plan (not just for the compensation plan only)! I’ll leave the rest of the thinking to you.
  • Do I need to buy anything else besides the 4% membership? – Yes. If you are considering on joining, you need to have a business mindset (as you will be required to purchase small tools for your online business). Tools such as an autoresponder, landing page creator and click tracking software.
  • Does the group have an effective support team? – Yes it does. As a member, I have emailed support before and received adequate replies sometimes even within an hour. 4% group also has a top development team that keeps creating new features, making things easier for the user. As one of the founding members of the group I’ve seen positive developments to the site over the last few months. 
  • Are you an affiliate for the group? Yes i am. But i value my name more than making quick commissions. Anything i recommend or endorse, I am fully part of. It’s called having moral authority. Of course I will be happy if you join but only if you are a right fit for the group.
  • Finally, DO NOT JOIN IF *You think everything is a scam *You think this is some sort of get rich quick rubbish that’s still flying high on the internet *You are down to your last dollar or need money to feed your family, pay the bills etc. *You cannot afford the monthly membership fee and the essential tools required for an online business e.g. autoresponder, tracking tools etc. *You can’t be bothered to build your business with the mentor-ship, sales funnels and training provided.

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