Nothing Beats Attending a Live Event

Working online on your business can get pretty lonely. It’s not like a job where you see people everyday. You get into a habit of being in front of the keyboard and working away. With the recent live video feature, Facebook live at least you can connect with your leads…right? Video is ‘the now’ and many businesses are turning to this powerful communication tool. Gone are the days of sending a plain text email only, you need to add video, put a name to your business!

In my opinion nothing beats a live event. A live marketing/networking, or educational event or a workshop is where literally the magic can happen. Think about it for second, you’re surrounded by like minded people who are looking to accelerate their business just like you? What better place to network and share ideas.

I’ve listed some simple yet powerful reasons why you need to try your absolute best to attend a live event. Let me know in the comments if you agree.


As i previously mentioned, attending live events gives you the opportunity to meet some amazing people that you won’t come into contact with at your home office. Some of these people may inspire you, be motivating and you could end up becoming good friends or business partners. By meeting people face to face, they get to really know you and may start seeing you as a serious player looking to build your business. You will learn how others are building their businesses, the challenges they face and how to overcome them. Talk about personal development or health, things that interest entrepreneurs. Listening to or reading a Tony Robbins or Bob Proctor audio book is great, but to meet them in person and people who share the same vision is something totally different.

Comfort Zone Killer

One of the best ways to get out of your comfort zone is to start attending live events. Think about it, you may not know anyone, it may be all new to you and you may be in a foreign country? How many times have you heard the saying, “if you don’t step out of your comfort zone, you’re not stretching yourself, you’re not growing”. Progress is always made when you do things that may seem a little uncomfortable. Did you know there are many people that can’t come in front of the camera and talk? They feel shy, embarrassed, nervous and whatever else. What happens when they overcome their video phobia? They grow by communicating their message on today’s best information transmission method; video.

Get Inspired 

Last month I attended the Tecademics International affiliate conference in Las Vegas, USA. On the first day i sat there in a conference hall and listened to my mentor (founder of the four percent group) speaking live to a captivated audience. He shared his life experience, the challenges he faced and how he overcame them. I saw people winning cars worth $100k, others sharing their success stories, and each speaker constantly reminding us that it’s our time no matter what. After walking out of the 3 day event I felt an extra sense of drive…..simply put attending events can be inspirational!

Client, Customers or Team Members

You never know who could be attending the live event looking for something that you may have to offer. There’s always the opportunity to meet new clients and build rapport. Maybe you’ve got team members that follow you, what better way to communicate your message than over lunch where you talk face to face. Live events are the perfect place to get your message across. There’s less distractions and people are usually there to concentrate on their business.

Okay, i won’t keep this post going on for too long….here’s some of the snaps i took at November 2016 Tecademics event.

Tecademics International Affiliate Conference Held at The Venetian, Las Vegas

Mentor and friend, Vick Strizheus the founder of 4% group

Cool Set Up!

BMW i8 Giveaway Prize by Tecademics

The Butterfly Wing Design….Nice.

Chief Sales Officer Michael Hamburger

Justin Verrengia – Top 4% Group Member

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